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Fix the flaws... before damage is done

Throughout the year, Hippogriff Solution Engineers are presented with common, intriguing, peculiar, concerning, and exciting technological challenges from almost every market throughout the economy. If your organization and industry is interested in receiving critical help with the acquisition, fielding, manufacturing, promotion, compliance, safety, etc. - of computer technology dependent/interactive products and services; contact Hippogriff to purchase a copy of applicable reports on vulnerabilities, legal factors, and market developments - to facilitate exposure to variables not considered by investors, consumers, regulators, or in-house/outsourced workforce members.

Want to be Fit? It's Not As safe or simple as it used to be

A very much overlooked weakness in the recreational and health & wellness/medical sector -- which is allowing for an option of identity theft and targeted commercial infrastructure vandalism/disruption by cyber criminals or non-monetary based malicious actor -- are the many software and electronic component vectors which are inviting automated attacks against gyms, physical therapy offices, and even home equipment users. The use of cardiovascular exercise machine interactive ports and wireless network capability -- to conduct diagnostics by technical maintainers or fitness/medical providers to observe user fitness data -- is granting access for the onsite and remote installation of malware onto such equipment from smart phones, tablets, wearable devices, and wireless communication IT infrastructure. Such forms of malware are used for the following purposes:

1) Infections to collect user connected and building or external signal data transfers by means of spyware-type digital pathogens for real-time eavesdropping.

2) Delayed or real-time keylogging digital pathogens to steal connected user external device credentials to aid in financial asset theft.

3) Targeted manipulation of console software safety parameters and mechanical controllers -- especially on treadmills and stair climbers -- which can injure users.

4) Sabotage business operations by rendering machines inoperative via overloading centralized systems effecting large volume customer use.

Typical scenarios and special cases can both be disastrous for the integrity, reputation, and financials of manufactures, distributors, providers, and users of current and future interactive/connected cardiovascular exercise machine equipment. Since some major nations do not mandate the regulation of such products, the majority of the software and core electronic materials are made in Far East Asia with poor code review and questionable quality control. Nations that have implemented information security mandates -- to protect consumers and commerce by requiring the health & wellness/medical sector acquire the capabilities that Hippogriff offers -- recognize that computer technology exploitation is a public safety and national security issue; this is why Hippogriff is providing the solutions which the market needs -- and will demand -- as threats become more catastrophic and numerous.

What else is in store for 2018?

Hippogriff has another busy year ahead. The acceleration of technological expansion has reached an impasse; an impasse to guard the marketplace from the sadly ignored failures of designers and blind adoption purchasers of ever more internally complicated, centrally dependent - and unreliable gadgets/infrastructure. Hippogriff is proud and appreciative of the extremely talented physicists, engineers, and technicians who are part of our increasingly requested team services. Some more areas of intervention will include and go beyond:

Maritime Vessel Systems, Industrial Control SCADA Systems, Network Interactive Toys, Artificial Limb Micro-Controllers, WiFi-Enabled e-Cigarettes & Beverage Containers, Next Generation Machine Learning Algorithms, Remote Cascade Patching, Spyware Anomaly Detection, Cryptocurrency Market Security and Recovery Solutions, Next Generation SMB and Micro Commerce Threat Deterrence, and more...

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