Polymorphic Cipher Engine (Certified Reseller)

Available for commercial and consumer technologies at the embedded and supporting level, contact Hippogriff for quote and assesment

There are many essential steps an organization must take to properly assure the integrity of data at rest and in transit; encryption is the foundation of this. As more government methodologies and technologies are leaked via espionage, hacktivism, and incompetence; malicious actors are fielding these tools for nefarious commercial or terroristic purposes. Current encryption solutions are not enough to deter exploration of data from advanced threats. A next generation solution must be adopted since minimum efforts/standards are not enough.

CipherLoc Corporation is a data security solutions company whose vision is simple: "Protect the World's Data." Their highly innovative solutions are based on patented encryption mathematical proofs which are designed to take existing encryption algorithms and make them faster, stronger, and massively scalable. Hippogriff is proud to deliver easy to deploy B-to-B software solutions -- as a CipherLoc reseller -- that can be added to any existing product, service, or application. In short, we keep information safe in today’s highly dangerous world through complete data ecosystem hardening.

Automotive CAN bus Firewall System (Patent Pending)

Available for many manufacturer Product Lines, both Economy Class and Luxury, Contact Hippogriff for a quote and Demonstration

The approach to meeting the digital security needs of the future will be the same as the needs of the past and present. There must be not only software solutions, but also hardware solutions. Hacking things that move means another variable to consider when protecting society and the economy. Safe roads are needed for safe communities; for those that travel on them.

Hippogriff's proprietary, next generation defensive solution -- to protect current and future automotive vehicles -- from physical and wireless tampering, is a core feature that auto makers must consider when producing vehicles with external diagnostics access, occupant media device input, integrated communication receivers, emergency intervention capability, etc. - that consumers are demanding. Connected "smart" vehicle technologies are at great risk of not only allowing for the physical theft of an automobile, but also system(s) malfunction which can cause damage to components or harm to drivers and passengers in many circumstances. one of the severe (documented with multiple examples) possibilities of not protecting a vehicle's can bus system is automated digital pathogen or real-time brute force attack of vital mechanical areas which rely on electronic control and powering. Hippogriff's results-based approach is available for integration on assembly lines, depot-level maintenance locations, dealerships, or during individual vehicle owner consultations.

Anti-Tampering Log File Detection Suite (Copyright Pending)

Available for Windows and Linux server distributions, customized Implementation, Contact Hippogriff for a quote and consultation

Many data breaches go undetected for years. Companies and Individuals need more tools to help in the highlighting and notification of anomalies which may be a sign of an ongoing or abandoned, yet successful, malicious operation.

Hippogriff's proprietary software tool should be a fundamental instrument for system administrators, forensics specialists, developers, and private users; covering a crucial area of operating system countermeasures. Hippogriff strives to provide solutions that don't interfere with practical customer access, but allow for as much oversight as possible for the providers of virtual space services. Log files are almost always manipulated when malicious entities carry out their protocols. This makes it much harder to stay ahead of exploits. Network professionals have limited time to run processes that are required to mitigate the exposure of systems to the increasing amount of minute-by-minute cyber threats. Very expensive and complicated methods are not needed when agile and dependable options from Hippogriff are ready for deployment.