the legality of existence

This legal notice is subject to change at anytime

Hippogriff Computer Technology Protection Services is a (pending) registered Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Tennessee, United States of America, and a (pending) Limited Liability Company (LLC) of the State of Queensland, Commonwealth of Australia.

Hippogriff reserves the right to block IP addresses which are suspected of being used for the purpose of malicious attacks or harassment. Hippogriff reserves the right to resist any and all attempts by governmental or non-governmental organizations/agencies to carry out digital espionage or cyber attacks against this website or Hippogriff enterprise locations. Any confirmation of such an occurrence in the investigatory process -- and the report results compiled -- may or may not be shared with industry partners/associates. Hippogriff reserves the right to invoke legal action -- in a civil or criminal case -- to prevent further scenarios in the future. Standard domestic and internal law procedures are applicable for the protection of Hippogriff in face of defamation, libel and slander.

Hippogriff is in compliance with local and national business guidelines. This includes all required hiring practices and employee accommodation regulations. Hippogriff abides by fair practice rules and does not discriminate. Hippogriff does reserve the right to deny employment opportunities for potential applicants that do not meet the requirements for positions, or who are a security risk, i.e. - has past criminal associations, is displaying signs of unstable behavior which can endanger the delicate handling of highly sensitive digital data or expensive electronic equipment, or is a liability to the assurance of quality customer service care with clients and industry partners.

Hippogriff cannot guarantee that 100% of cyber intrusions can be prevented. Hippogriff cannot provide a complete service when customers do not do their part to react in face of internal security risks, both virtual and tangible. Customers must provide all relevant information about the network connections their business has in place with the greater Internet and local intranets. Hippogriff does guarantee courteous, competent, realistic, safe, motivated, compliant, and reliable oversight with past, current, and in-development technologies and theories that we are aware of, and have access to. Hippogriff is not liable if a technique and new Information Security related tool or process is under the control of parties which have not given authorization to use their Intellectual Property/Patents in case such a requirement would be preferable when fielding solutions in a limited time-frame.

Hippogriff will cooperate with appropriate Law Enforcement actuaries when our expertise is called upon in a criminal investigation. The same applies if Hippogriff is ever issued a subpoena to testify in an expert witness capacity in a Court of Law. Hippogriff reserves the right to deny comment or cooperation with Law Enforcement if approached in a contradictory manner from previous interactions with Legal Council on behalf of a customer or industry operator; the same applies to circumstances where another agency or office is in dispute with others involved in Forensic Investigation and Data Retrieval which is one of Hippogriff's core functions as a service provider.

Hippogriff reserves the right to notify Military forces within a customer's nation of business when Cyber Warfare dangers have been detected by our Remote Threat Monitoring capabilities. Hippogriff will not hesitate to utilize confidential means to directly communicate with Armed Services Command Structure which is part of a pre-authorized notification Managed Security Service policy on behalf of customer tributaries.

Hippogriff provides Ethical Hackers a legitimate and controlled environment to experiment with any form of technology which uses computing software of any kind - so that we will have the knowledge to meet the demands of our customer's needs. Our technologists and supporting personnel have passed multilevel background checks and have possessed or currently possess one or more security clearance credentials.

Hippogriff is in compliance with medical, financial, environmental, property, data, identity, payment, etc. - regulations and rights within the jurisdiction(s) of our clientele's nation of origin and nations of commerce presence/participation.

For more information concerning Hippogriff legal adherence to commerce, taxation, confidentiality, and other areas of the law, please consult your customer access information to view restricted documents. Information is subject to change to coincide with regulations and industry insurance developments.