What Can Hippogriff Do for Customers?

Frequently asked questions

Hippogriff Computer Technology Protection Services brings an elite group of Cyber Security technologists together for cutting edge methodology implementation. Customers are provided with a dedicated approach to solving the accelerating challenge(s) of systems and infrastructure being compromised by malicious intrusions and poor quality software/hardware configurations that allow such incidents to occur. Hippogriff provides an on-site presence and remote monitoring to mitigate real-time threats and assist clientele in determining a course of action when confronting confirmed attacks or investigating symptoms and anomalous irregularities.

How Will Hippogriff Conduct Its Services?

Hippogriff is a professional technology firm with global reach. Hippogriff technical specialists, business associates, logistics support personnel, and administrative staff will always project a considerate, respectful attitude with cordial interaction between our organization, the customer's - and their partners. More detailed information is available during the consultation process. Some areas of Interdiction are as follows - but are not limited to:

1) Securing Web Browsers and add-ons from background transmission of data and vulnerabilities to malicious attacks.

2) Securing all common use Server, Mobile, Personal Computer, and accessible non-standard operating systems, BIOS, firmware from malicious infections, unauthorized monitoring, and corrupt coding parameters which allow for a host of possible security breaches.

3) Scanning local Networks, Intranets, and Internet connections for symptoms of poor data transfer, inefficient power usage, unsafe administration, directory security lapses, and other elements which can invite malicious programs/signals.

4) Investigate operating system updates and other software patches which are currently integrated into machine and network infrastructure or pending installation and configuration.

5) Scan and disinfect mobile devices for malicious software that transmits privacy infringing data to network providers and 3rd party listening elements.

6) Custom re-programming of software to improve function and use while securing against background transmission of data which infringes upon privacy and terms of use agreement(s).

7) Removal of personal or business information from web directories, sites, etc. – which is vulnerable to use by malicious entities both digitally automated and physically active.

8) Electrical repair of hardware and components that have been damaged or compromised and cannot be replaced due to risk of sensitive data loss.

9) Recovery of sensitive data from damaged or compromised electronic components or hardware. All forms of consumer and commercial hard drives both external, portable, internal, etc. are included in this capability.

8) Advanced solutions for blocking and countering cyber warfare, digital espionage or other destructive signals which pose a virtual – yet leading to real-world physical – threat to property, life, well-being, reputation, power grid infrastructure, medical services, financial sector, social networking, etc.

9) Cloud security services that must be fielded – NOW since Cloud Storage is one of the leading IT security risks currently, and even more so in the future as the technology expands.

10) The Internet of Things preliminary security protocols to protect appliances, consumer electronics, commercial and industrial networked technology.

11) Custom construction of unconventional computer technology hardware.

Cyber Security requires multiple detection and prevention capabilities  to enable teams to manage risk and mitigate attacks. As cyber crime evolves, so must the tools and techniques you use to secure your organization. But, using individual products to solve individual problems isn't the answer. Having an all-encompassing approach to ENSURE results-based solutions can dynamically adapt to the changing threat landscape is vital.

Hippogriff specializes in not only Network Solutions, but also:

Anti-Kidnapping & Kinetic Engagement Solutions, Real Estate Property Protection Solutions, Medical Device Integrity Solutions, Automotive & Aeropsace Telematics Solutions, Consumer Electronic Product Solutions, Multi-Market Commercial & Industrial Equipment Solutions, Sports & Entertainment Media Solutions, Financial Institution Guardianship Solutions... and much, much more...

Note: Remote monitoring of customer’s systems and physical intervention to remedy and recover data loss -- or to remove unauthorized add-on hardware components embedded/attach to tangible electronics/system objects -- is essential to ensuring a comprehensive service capability. Many more provisional skills are available.

Due to the immediate challenges that customers are facing with their network and supporting layout dependencies, Hippogriff will form independent Cyber Security teams which will share the most up-to-date information and technique demonstrations – essential to performing a professional infrastructure evaluation. Once the customer’s IT department has reviewed their current in-house and offsite interlinked procedures with Hippogriff specialists, a complete scan of all server, client, host, mobile, and supporting systems will be initiated. Findings will be logged and a report complied to assist the customer’s IT department in correlating the necessary actions required at all levels of business to mitigate future threats and resolve any detected infections or access vulnerabilities.