Who We Are

No Unicorn IPO Celebrity; Just being agile to actually accomplish the mission

Hippogriff is ready to fill a dire need for Cyber Security Services in areas that seek non-aligned, ethical, reliable, sincere, and participatory ownership commerce. Systems both large and small are equally important in the pursuit of free market opportunities. Businesses deserve -- and undoubtedly need -- a team of specialists that are appreciated and provided for - so that those with the experience and cutting-edge ideas can have the resources to make a better future. The Hippogriff is an ancient mythological creature that is half Eagle and half Horse. By these traits Hippogriff is ever vigilant, ever elegant, and ever loyal; with the endurance to make unauthorized entities challenged in their interest of information technology materials. Hippogriff is Global, Innovative - Computer Technology Protection Services.

Our Adventure

Founded by private sector and former military professionals, Hippogriff meets the challenges of securing legacy and emerging technologies through access to top security researcher talent in North America, Europe, and Oceania. Customers receive the same capabilities used internally by the Hippogriff Team to safeguard sensitive skill sets;  benevolently acting to fuse our exposures where needed so true results are achieved in a timely and confidently manner.

The model for success is made possible by the dedication each and every Hippogriff representative exemplifies. We are not an IT firm. We are not an elementary data reports compiler. We are a Red Team Level organization. We approach all sides of the cyber risk landscape: Software, Hardware, and the Human Domain.

Spaces that Hippogriff is engaged in include but are not limited to: Healthcare IT & Medical Devices, Connected Smart Vehicles, Mainframes, Maritime Vessel & Shore Establishment Safety, FinTech, IoT Risk Mitigation, Website Integrity Control, Autonomous Robotics Countermeasures, Entertainment & Sports, Onsite Energy Facility Systems Monitoring, Anti-Terror, Conflict Zone Forensics, Aerospace, Cyber Concepts Enactment, Civil Liberties & Privacy Guardianship, Anti-Malware Research, Schools/University & Municipal Protection, Gameplay Safety Oversight, etc.

Currently Hippogriff has multiple business locations in the United States, Germany, and China, with further expansion in Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, and Ireland upcoming. Hippogriff will continue to grow as the global Cyber Security market exceeds $2 Trillion by 2021. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence now a fielded and workable reality, ethical technologists are going to be challenged more than ever before. Business owners, governments, and societies around the globe must come to terms with the inevitable disaster on the horizon. Hippogriff is preparing to respond. Investors and industry associates are welcome to confer with our findings and case studies. We accomplish more together than we do on our own. Come be a part of the adventure to make having to trust no one to achieve security no longer a requirement...